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Snow Crystals


Ingredients: Batter Snow Crystals

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  50 g white chocolate
170 soft butter
80g brown sugar
1 pack vanilla sugar
few drops almond essence
1 egg
170g white flour
30g corn flour
40g shredded coconut
40g icing sugar
1 tsp water
Hundreds and thousands
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Melt the white chocolate. Stir chocolate and butter until smooth. Add the sugar, vanilla sugar and amaretto gradually until, stir until you have a firm dough. Beat in the egg. Sift flour and corn flour and beat into the dough. Set aside a tsp. of the shredded coconut and mix the rest with the dough. Use a tulle with a star top to make crystals on a lined bakling tray. Bake for 12 minutes at 180 degress C.

Mix the icing sugar with water and placre a drop on every cookie. Decorate with hundreds and thousands

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Batter Snow Crystals weiße Schokolade:50 g
Butter:170 g
brauner Zucker:80 g
Ei:1 stk
Mehl:170 g
Stärkemehl:30 g
Kokosraspeln:40 g
Wasser:0 l
und bunter Zuckerstreusel:100 g
2018-19-02 Leckeres Snow Crystals 5.00 1 Serving size: 1 Keks Fat per serving: n/a